About Us

SimSpace Ingeniería

SimSpace is composed of a team of professionals with MULTIDISCIPLINARY EXPERIENCE, allowing us to identify the needs of each client and provide them with the services they require. Before starting SIMSPACE, the co-founders worked on research projects in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at NASA Langley Research Center, on airplane performance simulation at Pratt & Whitney and over four years on the flight simulator for the EUROFIGHTER Typhoon aircraft that was part of the Air Synthetic Traninig Aids (ASTA) program. SimSpace started with the objective of making high performance real-time simulation software accessible to fields of application in which these techniques haven’t been used due to their prohibitive costs. Along the years, SimSpace has successfully developed many different types of projects for a variety of clients, including INTERNACIONAL PROJECTS and multinational companies. We have a series of core values which influence all of our activities. These values are part of our unique DNA and are the foundation for the trust that our customers place in us.

-PROBLEM SOLVING. Identify our customer’s problems and propose efficient solutions.

-CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & INVOLVEMENT. Serve our clients responsibly and focus on their needs. We believe that the best results are achieved if the customer is closely involved in the development and design process.

-VALUE PROFITABILITY. Our customer’s profitability is a key requirement for a successful project.

-FLEXIBILITY. Reacting and adapting quickly is essential to our work process.

-CREATIVITY & INNOVATION. Being resourceful and creative is a key trait of our work. We tackle each project as a new challenge. Our ability to be innovative and to find the best solution is fundamental for our success.

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