SimExam © is an automobile simulator to train driving students. It runs on a Personal Computer and has been designed to familiarize the student with basic driving skills and traffic rules. The simulator presents real urban and road environments with dynamic vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The purpose of the software is to get the student used to:

  1. Car handling basics (steering wheel, accelerator, automatic and stick shift, brake, turn signals, etc.).
  2. Driving basic rules including urban environments as well as highways.
  3. A dynamic environment that includes vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians.
  4. The driver test format.

The software includes a virtual evaluator that indicates the student the errors committed as well as a final overall evaluation of the test. The user can also perform real driving exams.

The latest version of this software has been developed to allow the use of 3 displays to expand the field of view and enhance the visual immersion. A new user interface has been developed to navigate through the menus using the steering wheel and the pedals (no keyboard or mouse required). In some cases (if required by customer) the software has been integrated with motion platforms.

SimExam© General Characteristics

  • Works on a Personal Computer.
  • Can connect to any COTS steering wheel and pedals.
  • 3D Visual scene projected on up to 3 Full HD displays.
  • Hundreds of kilometers of Urban and highway 3D environments.
  • Dynamic realistic traffic: autos, trucks, buses, trains, pedestrians, bicycles.
  • Control of weather and time of day conditions.High fidelity 6DOF Vehicle physics model.
  • Virtual instructor continuously evaluates the driver’s skills.
  • Capability of customizing simulator to customer’s requirements (i.e. language, traffic rules, vehicles types, etc.)

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