Flight Simulation Consulting

Flight Model Automatic Qualification  Tests (QTGs)

One of our specific consultant areas has been in the certification of or qualification of flight models. SimSpace has experience in both fix wing aircraft (ATR-72-500, 3rd generation fighter aircraft) and helicopter (EC-225) models 300-207 :

  • Design & implementation of test maneuvers.
  • Run & testing in simulator.
  • Flight model tuning.

Examples of required maneuvers in a Qualification Test Guide:

  •  Dynamic engine failure after takeoff normal mode.
  • One engine inoperative second segment climb.
  • One engine inoperative en route climb.
  • One engine inoperative approach climb.
  • Small control inputs roll right.
  • Small control inputs yaw left.
  • Minimum control speed air.
  • Roll response rate cruise.
  • Spiral stability left cruise.
  • Spiral stability left approach.
  • Engine inoperative trim 2nd segment climb.
  • Engine inoperative trim landing.
  • Dutch roll yaw dumper off landing.
  • Steady state sideslip.
  • Crosswind landing.
  • One engine inoperative landing.
  • Go around one engine inoperative 070-417.

Mid Air Collision (MIDCAS) Project

Consultants for UAV flight model and other flight related issues as part of the MIDCAS European program.

The aim of the MIDCAS program is to contribute to the UAS integration in civilian airspace by proposing a baseline of solutions for the “Unmanned Aircraft System Mid-air Collision Avoidance Function” acceptable by the manned aviation.





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