Since 2008 at SimSpace we have worked relentlessly to have a software environment to develop flight models from simple kinematic to full mission 6DOF.

This software runs on a conventional PC and it includes the following tools:

Aircraft Editor Tool:

  • Input data in a flexible table look-up form.
  • Aerodynamic coefficient buildup.
  • Engine trust and fuel flow.
  • Weight & Balance configurations.
  • Landing gear and wheel characteristics.

Engineering Flight Simulator Tool:

  • Fly the model with using any COTS joystick.
  • Select any store or W&B configuration.
  • Freeze, Pause or Reposition the aircraft.
  • Change the wind conditions.
  • Takeoff or Land from an airport.
  • Monitor/Record/Plot engineering parameters.

Automatic Flight Test Tool:

  • This tool enables the user to program any type of piloted flight test.
  • Test can be visualized in real-time using the Flight Simulator Tool or offline up to 1000 times faster.
  • A steady-state mode to find conditions such as: Trimmed level flight, sustained turns, steady heading sideslip, maximum climb, best rate of descend, etc.
  • A flight test sequence mode to design any type of maneuver a pilot could perform: takeoffs, landings, climbs, etc.
  • Engineering parameters can be recorded or plotted and trade studies can be made varying any flight model parameter (i.e. 80% and 90% thrust).

Flight Model Optimization Tool:

  • Find the correct values for the flight model data (aerodynamics, engine, W&B, etc.) to meet specific certification or acceptance criteria.
  • Optimization allows to define a target result by solving for multiple degrees of freedom within the model data (i.e. drag and lift coefficient required for a maximum sustained turn rate condition).


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