High Fidelity Flight Models

Our team’s technical expertise in the fields of Flight Mechanics,  Aerodynamics, and Aircraft Performances, have allowed SimSpace to design, develop, integrate and validate high fidelity 6DOF flight models for leading providers of simulation solutions.

Usually,  the development of a flight model for a full mission simulator includes the following steps:

  • Analyze available real aircraft data packages (wind tunnel, manuals, reports…).
  • Design and develop a high fidelity flight model.
  • Optimize the model to fulfill the acceptance test requirements.

High fidelity flight models must fulfill extensive and detailed acceptance tests like these examples:

  • Inertia Characteristics.
  • CG Travel.
  • Takeoff and Landing.
  • Longitudinal Trimmed Points.
  • Envelope Limits.
  • Level Flight Acceleration.
  • Constant Mach Climb
  • Maximum sustained turn.
  • Maximum instantaneous turns.
  • Cruise Fuel consumption.
  • Engine Out Glide.

Know-how and experience are some of our key strengths in solving these kind of projects. But the most important one is that we enjoy them.

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