Real Time Wind Server©

Real Time Wind Server© is a simulation software used to inject highly realistic wind profiles into real-time training simulations (i.e. helicopter/aircraft/UAV, shipboard operations, A-A refueling).

Runs on a workstation and can simulate:

  • Wakes behind moving vehicles: ships, airplanes, cars, etc.
  • Wind profiles around static objects: terrains, buildings, fires, etc.

Realistic Wind Computation Process:

  • An offline process computes the detail wind characteristics of an specific scenario, such as a ship wake, using Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
  • A post-processing analysis and data reduction of the CFD results generates a real-time database optimized for real-time.

Real-Time Wind Server:

  • The real-time server is designed to function as an isolated process which receives the real-time input information via LAN and respond within 100Hz.
  • Wind information is computed at 100 points around the requested point and includes steady and turbulent component.


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